The Story of Dodd's Gins

The Story of Dodd's Gins

March 16, 2020

In 2011 The London Distillery Company was re-established, more than 200 years after it was originally set up by Ralph Dodd – an engineer and entrepreneur.

Dodd’s Gin is our tribute to this relatively unheard of 19th Century innovator. A man who had some pretty big ideas - like patenting a building system that was over 150 years ahead of his time and constructing the first underwater tunnel. They are spirits for curious consumers around the world, just like Dodd, who have a passion for the new and undiscovered.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in c.1756, Dodd came to London with a head full of schemes from building bridges to canals but resigned from many before they came to fruition. Some see him as a failure, while others recognise a man with entrepreneurial flair and a gift for ideas which led to the construction of many important British landmarks.

In 1807 Dodd established The London Distillery Company with a desire to manufacture Genuine British Spirits. His failure to register its shares led to its short-lived existence, disbanding in 1808 until we brought it back to life in 2011 and developed two unique gins in his name.

Dodd’s Gin is a London-inspired classic gin with a velvety smooth blend of botanicals for a beautifully sublime and vibrant gin. Full juniper flavours are neatly balanced with bay leaf and infused with cardamom spice, fresh raspberry lead and subtle honey sweetness.

Dodd’s Old Tom is a modern re-creation of this popular early 1800s style gin. Copper pot-distilled with carefully selected botanicals of juniper, liquorice root, citrus and cardamom and fennel spices for a lightly sweet, warm and mellow drink.

Crafted using traditional methods but with contemporary drinkers in mind, our Dodd’s gins are inspired by the past but made for the future.

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