Dodd's Organic Gins

The Spirit of Innovation

The Dodd’s Gin collection is not just a testament to the ingenuity of the man himself, but to all champions of innovation.

Ralph Dodd was a serial entrepreneur, a brilliant engineering mind and an ingenious dreamer. He embodied the spirit of London, and it is London that is at the heart of our spirit.

We hand select the finest, fully organic botanicals and distil them in ‘Christina’, a traditional 140-litre copper alembic. We reserve the more delicate botanicals for our state-of-the-art cold vacuum still, 'Little Albion'


For several weeks, we allow these two spirits to marry and refine before we hand bottle them for you.

The British Honey Company

The British Honey Company has acquired the London Distillery Company, all orders are being processed temporarily by email to

Apologies for any inconvenience.