The Spirit of Innovation

and a commitment to quality


The London Distillery Company is an urban independent craft distilling business based on the beer mile in the heart of London – two mins drive from Tower Bridge.

Originally founded in 1807 by Ralph Dodd, and re-established in 2011, the modern day company was the first whisky distillery in London for more than 100 years.

The London Distillery Company is an Organic Distillery; all our botanicals are grown in the UK. We produce world class Soil Association approved organic spirits, reflecting the company’s strong emphasis on environmental issues, which are at the core of our products and methods.

These include The London Distillery Company Rye Whiskey LV-1767 Edition, and multi-award winning Dodd’s and Kew Organic Gin.

Currently the gin portfolio exports across the globe.

The Team

Killian O'Sullivan

Chief Executive

Will Langton

Chief Financial Officer

James Simpson

Head of Marketing

Lauren Tripp

Fulfilment Manager

Marzio Di Rocco

Head Distiller


From London’s first Whiskey for over 100 years to custom strength gins we’re always looking to produce innovative expressions.

Dodd’s Gin Honey Edition 2018 ABV 46%
Dodd’s Gin Craft Gin Club
Limited Edition 2019
ABV 44%


The Gut Stuff

The Gut Stuff is on a mission to make gut health more palatable. Because it doesn’t matter how much science reveals about the importance of the microbiome unless we can all understand how to act upon the strides we’re making.

For too long, healthy eating advice has been a choice between dry scientists and slimy charlatans. But why should science be hard? And why should every fad feel like a fraud? Thankfully for everyone, this is not a fad or fraud it’s the future of healthcare and everyone needs to join our revolution to empower gut health in everyone.

We’re the first brand that truly demystifies the second brain in our stomachs. With advice that’s accessible, yet credible. Simple, yet sound. Empowering, yet entertaining.

Come on, let the gut times roll.

Kew the Music

Iconic names in spectacular surroundings - this year's Kew the Music is back with more unforgettable summer nights.

Aiming to appeal to all generations of music lovers, Kew the Music is the ideal summer evening outing where families can enjoy some great music in beautiful surroundings.

Guests are also welcome to bring their own food and drink, or can enjoy the open air bars and tasty street food stalls already there.

Headlining nights during 2019's series will be Beverley Knight and Billy Ocean, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Craig David, Lewis Capaldi, Garbage and Rick Astley.